Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tech Tools and Social Media for Parent Engagement

Empowering Parents Through Tech Tools and Social Media
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Teachers agree that parents are key to success in children's education. We know that their involvement in their child’s learning makes a huge positive difference. However, connecting with parents to inform them about their child’s learning needs and progress in class is a challenge because teachers don’t have enough time available in their daily schedule to make frequent phone calls, send text messages or write emails. But innovations in technology are gradually assisting teachers overcome this problem. Technology companies such as Remind, Apple, Facebook and Google  are partnering with public education departments to offer free and useful tech tools that teachers can use to engage students in learning and involve parents in the academic needs, progress and success of their children.

Parents want to be informed how their children are performing in class. They want want to know what they can do from their end to ensure that their children learn something to be able to do high school and college work in the future. At least, that’s the message I have received in my communication with my student’s parents. Even if parents work long hours and do hard work, they still care and are willing to schedule a best time to talk or reply to teacher’s messages because they want their children to succeed. Keeping in mind this belief, I have found different ways to communicate with parents fast and effective. I have followed and incorporated in my practice how teachers in the city and across the US have utilized tech tools and social media to communicate and collaborate with parents to guide young learners follow constructive behavior and help them finish important class assignments.

The use of technology and social media is gaining interest to support teaching and learning. This February, I presented Collaborating with Parents and Community Using Remind and & Social Media Tech Tools at Apple SoHo Store as part of Apple’s outreach to teachers. The focus was to share with other educators how I have been using tech tools and social media to assist parents play a more active role in their children’s education.

    Apple SoHo presentation - Parent Engagement

Using social media tools for education is a new phenomenon, many are hesitant to employ them in teaching. This is a short list of excellent online places teachers can ask questions.


Closed FB group of amazing leading DOE teachers who share info about tech for teaching



Amazing educator who brings enlightened teachers together to ask and answer questions about teaching and tech

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Amazing study group of teachers in the Tri-State Area who discuss about tech tools to develop literacy skills

On the question of using Social Media in Education

Finally, two useful Apple resources I learned after the presentation teachers and parents can use.
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